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pcDuino Team attend Singapore Mini Maker Faire

On 24,July, pcDuino team flew to Singapore to attend the Maker Faire.


On 25, July, pcDuino team prepare the exhibition for the Maker Faire.


On 26,27 July, the Maker Faire began.



So many people crowed here to take a look of pcDuino


The video car attract many children’s eyes



The scratch kits showed here, very useful learning kits.

scratchThe Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports visited pcDuino position, and showed his great interest of pcDuino.


Even the radio interviewed the pcDuino founder Dr Liu


Later Dr liu gave a wonderful speech here

演讲时间 演讲1

pcDuino team had done a great job here, all the team member show their great passion and love罗总1

Wonderful product had been made by Dr Liu, and great job had done by all of the staff at LinkSprite.



Review of pcDuino at Maker Faire Hannover, Germany

5,6 July,2014, pcDuino team participated in the Maker Faire Hannover in Germany.

The Charming appearance and high performance of pcDuino attracted many visitors eyes to take a deep look of pcDuino.


pcDuino family new number  pcDuino3coreboard and pcDuino3Nano, a small version of pcDuino3 were appeared at the Maker Faire.


Many visitors  wanted  to have his own pcDuino and couldn’t help to buy the pcDuino.

交易Not in a while, the buyer were in a line.



Use the bag as the gift, the great idea from the pcDuino team.


Thanks for the pcDuino, brought so much wonderful things to Maker Faire Hannover, it was a great success.


First High School Classroom powered by pcDuino in China

The first classroom equipped with pcDuino is put into use in Zibo Boshan high school, Shangdong, China, thanks to the strong support from teacher FangJun. The classroom not only teaches the traditional information lessons, but also will be the first fully operational Scratch for pcDuino education platform in the world, and will integrate the present course such as physics, English, chemistry and other courses contents into the whole teaching platform. pcDuino not only let sthe makers who love hands-on fondle admiringly, but also add the new teaching method to our education career. Not just for our students to learn the theoretical knowledge in the textbook, but also offer them a hands-on stage.


Jingfeng Attended Bigsystem 2014 Workshop




Dr. Jingfeng Liu was a panelist in the Bigsystem 2014 in Vancouver.  Thanks for the technologies breakthrough, we are in a software defined everything era. pcDuino sees a natural fit in the fields of bigsystem related fields, such as CPS, software defined storage, and software defined network, etc.  Equipped with the coming pcDuino3core,  LinkSprite can help researcher and developers to remove the hardware barriers by providing customization service of the baseboard that goes with the pcDuino3core to accommodate the different needs of different configurations of hardware. bigsystem2014

pcDuino will attend Sparkfun’s AVC2014

AVC 2014 is this Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5ish. LinkSprite, makers of PCDuino will be hosting a promo table where they will demo PCDuino with Ubuntu and Android OS. They will also have three other PCDuino demos running, including playing pong with Scratch on PCDuino, making a UV sensor with PCDuino and last, but far from least, making a basic robot using the PCDuino.







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