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pcDuino’s first ever Sweepstakes on Twitter Account (@pcduino) 8/28/2014

We did a first ever pcDuino Sweepstakes on Twitter Account (@pcDuino) on 8/28/2014 for the week of 8/24/2014. A python script was used to randomly pick three persons. If the first person didn’t respond to our contact within 48 hours, we will  move on the the second one, and the third one.

For this week, the three persons are @zz_hubba, @chenbin, @Evidencetweets).




pcDuino team is giving way pcDuino3 weekly

pcDuino team is doing a weekly sweepstakes on its tweeter account (@pcduino) by randomly picking one follower each week.  The script used can be found at

We will run this script every Friday and will upload the video to youtube and announce the winner.  Follow up at @pcduino.

pcDuino Competition 2014


CuteDigi is having the pcDuino competition 2014. The entry of the project must be entered into the form below by 10/31/2014 midnight Mountain time. By entering into this competition, you agree to allow us to post your project description and video on website.

To promote pcDuino competition 2014, CuteDigi lowered pcDuino3 from $77 to $49.00 to help stretch the wallet of hackers  .


Any model of pcDuino that was ordered from You need the CuteDigi order (the one at ebay id www_pcduino_com’ is also accepted) number to enter into the competition.  


  • 1 x Grand Prize ($1000.00 store credit at
  • 2 x Second Prize ($500.00 store credit at
  • 5 x Third Prize ($100.00 store credit at


To entering into the contest, please visit:

Fingertips Maker interactive teaching : Kids creativity programming show–pcDuino

August 16, 2014, second phase Fingertips Maker which was organized by Fingertips Maker, Geeks Nest, Hurray : play pcDuino together, held at Xi’an JiaoTong University Building,4th Floor.

The event help Children know more about the concept about the hardware and software, enhance the Child’s ability and inspire the children’s interesting and creation of electronic.

Mr Lv taught the children how to play the Scratch on pcDuino, many small children together with their parents tried to figure out their own game project through the pcDuino.

pcDuino committed to serving the 6-60 year-olds, allowing users to focus on creativity as much as possible and prototype the above product, rather than boring technical work.



Children showed great patience and interest of pcDuino, and Mr Lv gave a wonderful teaching here.

P吕 1

They work together to play pcDuino


See, even the girls showed great interest of the pcDuino

3 4 5 6


The robot


Took photo togerther, and of of they had a great time with pcDuino.

The is a scale market for pcDuino



Highlights of pcDuino Projects at Shanghai Sino-America Hackerthon 2014

In the Shanghai Sino-America hackerthon hold last weekend, there are a dozen of projects involving pcDuino. Our engineer Pillar attended this event and sent back couple of hightlights. In the following, we will take a look at these projects:

1. Home Automation Based on Wechat



As a final step, the team was able to control 220V appliance with the 3.3V GPIO.

2. Digital photo frame for senior citizens

The smartphone makes the proliferation of mobile social network. The young generation like to share their photos using social network. But senior parents are difficult to use the smartphone. A senior 70 year old maker designed this digital photo frame that grabs the photos from the blogs, facebook of their children.


3. Software defined radio


4. An infrared transmitter. The team is also working on new HCI methods, such as voice recognition, and gesture recognition, etc.


5. VR device


pcDuino8 (Beta) is available for application

pcDuino8 (Beta) is a high performance, cost effective single board computer. It runs operation systems such as Ubuntu Linux and Android.  pcDuino8 is powered by an octa-core Allwinner A80 application processor. 

pcDuino8 (beta) is currently with limited quantiy. Please email with a project description and your cutedigi account ID. If you qualify, pcDuino team will mail you back a coupon code to order at $129.00.

Please order at cutedigi store.


pcDuino Team attend Singapore Mini Maker Faire

On 24,July, pcDuino team flew to Singapore to attend the Maker Faire.


On 25, July, pcDuino team prepare the exhibition for the Maker Faire.


On 26,27 July, the Maker Faire began.



So many people crowed here to take a look of pcDuino


The video car attract many children’s eyes



The scratch kits showed here, very useful learning kits.

scratchThe Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports visited pcDuino position, and showed his great interest of pcDuino.


Even the radio interviewed the pcDuino founder Dr Liu


Later Dr liu gave a wonderful speech here

演讲时间 演讲1

pcDuino team had done a great job here, all the team member show their great passion and love罗总1

Wonderful product had been made by Dr Liu, and great job had done by all of the staff at LinkSprite.




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