Tutorial of using JPEG Camera to capture a picture and save to SD

In this tutorial, we are going to cover using JPEG camera to capture a picture and save to SD card.







The connection between LS_Y601 and Arduino

LS_Y601 is serial camera, using softserial(pin 4 , 5) connect with Arduino. LS_Y601 is TTL, so can directly use 5V power supply pin on Arduino.
 The connection between SD module and Arduino
SD card works on SPI mode, and use 5V power supply.
  •    13 pin connect SCK
  •    12 pin connect MISO
  •    11 pin connect MOSI
  •    10 pin connect SS
Power supply connection
Power directly connection 5V and GND pin on Arduino, the other connent to breadboard,
Supply power for SD module and camera.
Software debug: Observe photo data by serial port (download codes)



write photo data into SD card  (download code).



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