Review of pcDuino at Maker Faire Hannover, Germany

5,6 July,2014, pcDuino team participated in the Maker Faire Hannover in Germany.

The Charming appearance and high performance of pcDuino attracted many visitors eyes to take a deep look of pcDuino.


pcDuino family new number  pcDuino3coreboard and pcDuino3Nano, a small version of pcDuino3 were appeared at the Maker Faire.


Many visitors  wanted  to have his own pcDuino and couldn’t help to buy the pcDuino.

交易Not in a while, the buyer were in a line.



Use the bag as the gift, the great idea from the pcDuino team.


Thanks for the pcDuino, brought so much wonderful things to Maker Faire Hannover, it was a great success.


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