November 30, 2014

Produce Together

Design and Manufacturing Services

Got an idea?  Prototype with pcDuino and go production with pcDuino core board if you are not satisfied with the form factor of existing pcDuino!  We provide design and manufacturing services.  Please contact if you want to start your design service case.

Seed/Angel Investment Services

LinkSprite partners with a number of VC firms to provide seed/angel investment for startups that are using pcDuino boards to design products. If you are looking for investment, please contact to sign NDA and send us your business plan.




3D Printer: Custom carrier board made for Lulzbot

easytaz1 lulzbot2


STEM products powered by pcDuino:

w19 mini pc: a Lego and Littlebit compatible platform:

0115_1 0115_2


Factory Assembly Line Controller

LinkSprite pcDuino3 is selected by a New Mexico based company for a factory assembly line acquisition and process controller in Mexico.

The process is done on a moving assembly line.  The final test procedure is controlled by the PCDuino3, measurements are taken by sensors, data is acquired and stored on the PCDuino3 and subsequently off-loaded wirelessly to a central server system where it is archived.
What was really nice about using the PCDuino3 was that it took our engineers only a week or so to learn to use the PCDuino3, which included learning to work with Linux and to design the complete system.  Initially our customer had wanted the redesign to use Microsoft Windows, however, after presenting the PCDuino3 PC running linux the customer was quite pleased with the lower cost and simplicity with which this approach had to offer.  It was also good in helping our engineers to develop new skills.

Medical Devices

LinkSprite pcDuino3 or Nano have been selected by two big medical device companies as their medical device platform.


Bitcoin Products

Bitseed bitcoin node powered by pcDuino

Bitseed node





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