November 28, 2014

Image for Arches (was pcDuino8)


OS Images


  • Initial release of Ubuntu 14. (Use Phoneixcard to create a production SD card and put in SD slot and power cycle Arches to flash kernel and roots) (date 2014-12-19)
    • Method to adjust the resolution:
      • Modify line 50 in file 1: /sys/class/disp/disp/attr/hdmi
        echo 5 > /sys/class/disp/disp/attr/hdmi
      • Modify line 162 of file 2: /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-disp.conf

          162 Modes “1280×720-60”

        Type the above resolution
  • Release [Kernel (use LiveSuite or PhoenixCard), Ubuntu] (date 2014-10-08).
  • Beta release [Kernel (use LiveSuite or PhoenixCard), Ubuntu] (date 2014-09-01).




  • Beta release (date 2014-08-10). Please use  PhoenixCard version 309 to create a product SD card or use PhonenixSuite to flash through the USB3 OTG port.


  • Phonenix Card (Note: for pcDuino8 and pcDuino3, we must use Phonenix card V309, and for pcDuino1/2/lite/lite wifi, we must use Phonenix card V306).
  • PhoenixSuite 1.0.6 (This has a very strict requirement on Windows, but works best on Windows XP)


  • USB drivers (which is need for ADB, and flash using phonexsuite through OTG.

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