How to Interface pcDuino3 With a DC Motor Driver Breakout

If you’re looking to work with pcDuino3 for your wheeled robot, here is a simple tutorial that explain in steps how easily is to use the pcDuino3 single board computer to control motors with a DC Motor Driver Breakout.

On the hardware side, you will need a two-wheeled platform with two DC motors, a DC Motor Driver Breakout based on L298 chipset, a fully functional pcDuino3 with Ubuntu operating system, and a WiFi video camera. The software side include the Arduino IDE installed and prepared to run the code from tutorial.

Last, it would be preferred to have few electronics and programming skills to assemble the robot and write the programming code.

The new pcDuino3 is Featured Enough to Become your Next Option for Prototyping Things

For complete instructions visit the Linksprite site.

The pcDuino3 interfaced with DC Motor Driver Breakout based on L298 Chipset

The DC Motor Driver Breakout

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