Highlights of pcDuino Projects at Shanghai Sino-America Hackerthon 2014

In the Shanghai Sino-America hackerthon hold last weekend, there are a dozen of projects involving pcDuino. Our engineer Pillar attended this event and sent back couple of hightlights. In the following, we will take a look at these projects:

1. Home Automation Based on Wechat



As a final step, the team was able to control 220V appliance with the 3.3V GPIO.

2. Digital photo frame for senior citizens

The smartphone makes the proliferation of mobile social network. The young generation like to share their photos using social network. But senior parents are difficult to use the smartphone. A senior 70 year old maker designed this digital photo frame that grabs the photos from the blogs, facebook of their children.


3. Software defined radio


4. An infrared transmitter. The team is also working on new HCI methods, such as voice recognition, and gesture recognition, etc.


5. VR device


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