Cat5e, Cat 6, or Cat7

IPC camera can be wired or wireless. When it is wired, it has RJ45 connector that is connected to Ethernet cable. There are many versions of Ethernet cables, and obviously the higher the number, the better. The difference between different versions is hard to tell. Each newer generation introduces copper pairs with tighter twists and[…]

Facial Recognition 101

Facial recognition uses the biometrical information, face, to identify or authenticate a person. Static Facial Recognition and Dynamic Facial Recognition Static facial recognition takes the picture of a person as input to the facial recognition system. It’s like facebook application, where user tags face. In another application, like police input a photo and search the[…]

LinkSprite Outdoor Dome Face Recognition Security Camera POE Waterproof Night Vision

Overview Built-in AI deep learning face recognition algorithm, support face detection, face tracking, pick the best face photo, and reduce the duplicated captures. Support face capture for complex environment. Up to 40 faces can be detected and captured at the same time. Using the face recognition surveillance system, the efficiency is improved by more than[…]