LinkSprite is Excited to Release Beta-Version Consumer-Level Gun Detection Camera

Motivated by the vision to save lives in community, school, and other public places, LinkSprite is excited to release beta-version consumer gun detection camera.

Powered by advanced and cutting edge AI detection algorithm, and highly optimized data processing flow, our camera detects guns on the camera and reports the result to a cloud server, send alerts to email, text message, or mobile app notification. Unlike other gun detection cameras, which use video streaming to cloud, and do the gun detection using a big amount of hardware resources (high-end CPUs or GPUs), our gun detection is implemented on the embedded hardware in camera. The camera works as a sensor, and as an AI edge computing device. This makes it a consumer-level camera and affordable to families and small businesses, no need to mention large businesses.

The camera is managed by our cloud platform The platform works as a device manager, data collector, and analyzer. An iOS or Android app works with the platform. After receiving a snapshot of a detected gun scene, the platform can send a notification to the family owner, office manager, or law enforcement officer, with email, text message, or mobile app notification. The platform and mobile app also offers real-time video viewing, or recorded video replay on selected camera models.