January 25, 2020

In-Store Customer Satisfaction Survey with Free Cloud Reporting

LinkSprite In-store customer satisfaction survey APK can be installed on Android tablets to provide in-store customer satisfaction survey at the right spot and at the right time.  LinkSprite also provides a web portal to manage these survey devices, configure survey questions, and give cloud reporting of the satisfaction trends.  

While other guys charge $40-$90 per month, all these services are free!

The APK has been tested on Amazon Firefly7, Huawei Honor tablet, and Samsung tablet.

To use the survey APK on the survey tablet, users need to register an account at  aishop.linksprite.com for free.

The APK used on the survey tablet can be downloaded from: Customer Satisfaction , the download password is deepcam.

We can also do custom modification. Please contact weijun at weijun.tan@linksprite.com for modification and also for iOS app to be used on iphone as survey tablet.