October 28, 2022

Fresnel Screen

ALR (Ambient Light Rejection) Fresnel Screen for Standard/Long Throw Projectors

FresnelScreen ALR screen is made of Fresnel optical materials.

Optimized for standard/long throw (throw ratio between 0.6-1.8:1) projectors, with its advanced, multi-layer optical material, FresnelScreen can efficiently reject 85% of the ambient light that come from the top and both sides of the screen to deliver vivid images under ambient light conditions.

More than just making the image brighter, FresnelScreen dramatically (up to 30 times) enhance the image contrast and color saturation. 

Brighter Image

The Fresnel lens focuses the light from the projector and sends it straight forward towards the viewers. As a result, it is able to offer 2.0 screen gain which means the perceived projection image brightness is 2.0 times higher than what’s perceived from the projection image on the white screen.

The 2.0 screen gain makes Fresnel Screen ideal for projector with low native brightness such as the popular LED projectors.

Rollable Screen

Screens normally delivered in a one piece form which make the transportation and installation difficult.

Fresnel screen’s unique rollable design makes it is easier to transport,

The back of the screen is a magnetic layer. To install the screen, simply place the supplied magnetic self adhesive sticker on the wall, then attached the screen on the adhesive sticker pads, the screen will get snapped on without hassle, without drilling.

85% Ambient Light Rejection Rate

The core element in Fresnel screens is the Fresnel lens. The Fresnel is made up from thousands of concentric lenses – each with its own unique profile. Barely visible to the naked eye, these lenses form a circular pattern from the screen centre and outwards – like ripples in a pond. 

With Fresnel screen, only light from the projector will be focused and ambient lights from both sides and top of the screen will be rejected.

The Fresnel screen can efficiently reject over 85% of the ambient light which makes the image vivid and bright under ambient light. 

Hot Spot Avoided

Producing uniform images is essential for any projection system. Even small differences from corner to centre and between neighboring screens can irritate the eye,

Normal white matt diffusion screens can suffer from “hot spot” problem because they are unable to redirect the light. Because the projector is always angled away from the viewer in the corners, a “hot spot” can be observed in the centre of the screen.

Fresnel screen focus the light and redirect it back to the viewer. Because the light’s redirection is controlled, you can expect a well uniformed image without “hot spot”


The magnetic and rollable design save the Fresnel screen from bulky frame structure.

The screen is super slime with the a thickness of just 5mm.