File System of JES system for TIYCam

JES uses linux file system OverlayFS. The main file system of JES is squash (read only). The extension file system (rewritable) can be jffs2, ubi, ext4 depending on the storage medium. The two file systems stack together and make a rewritable file system in logic.

System Partition

The system at least includes the following partitions:

  • boot
  • boot_env (64KB)
  • factory (64KB)
  • kernel
  • rootfs
  • rootfs_data

Application Package Management

JES uses OPKG to manage the application package. The application released onto TIYcam should be in the format of ‘ipk’. The application package should include at least the following files:

  • CONTROL/conffiles:
    • Record the filename of configuration files. During update, these recorded files will not be overwritten by newer version.
  • CONTROL/control: for example
Package: xxx 
Version: 1.0.0 
Depends: libc, libjbus, libjbuffer 
Maintainer: Jovision 
Architecture: arm 
Installed-Size: nnn 
Description:  xxx xxx xxx 
 xxx xxx 
  • CONTROL/postinst
    • The script that needs to be executed after installation. To start the application after installation, run:
/etc/init.d/S??xxx start 
  • CONTROL/prerm
    • Uninstall the previous executed script
  • etc/init.d/S??xxx
    • The script that will auto run after boot
  • usr/bin/xxx
    • Application binary