POE Mini Dome Gun Detection Camera

LinkSprite begins to sell the first model of affordable consumer-level gun detection cameras. Empowered by a highly optimized object detection algorithm for an embedded device, we push all GPU/CPU-intensive computation to the edge device – the camera. As a result, we make our gun detection camera low cost, and affordable for individual customers. As far[…]

3D Structured Light Face Recognition Module

Linksprite 3D structured light face recognition module is based on proprietary state-of-art deep learning face recognition algorithm, integrated with 3D structured light camera and low power RISC-V control board with neural network acceleration unit. Using a high-precision structured light camera, the module can obtain the visible light (RGB), near infrared and depth images, implementing the[…]

Video Copy Detection Search Engine

With the rapid development of the internet, the network data is growing dramatically. Due to the popularity of internet-based video sharing, the number of video content has reached a very large scale. However, some pirates use the network platform to sell private videos for improper benefit; some users and groups use the network platform to[…]

7″ Anit-Robbery access control tablet

The Percepcam 7″ anti-robbery access control tablet is developed for convenience stores to prevent a robbery in the evening. The tablet is equipped with AI powered face detection, face cover detection, and anti-spoofing detection (to prevent to use a photo or cell phone to cheat the tablet). This tablet uses one RGB camera and one[…]