August 5, 2023

AI Automation

We can build chatGPT customer service chatbot on your website or social media

Are you concerned about how to make it easier for your customers to find useful information on your website?

Do you want to have a 7×24 customer service online to answer and solve customer problems?

Do you want this customer service to independently query your various support software platforms retrieve records? Do you want to have a 7×24 pre-sales support with your customers, with the knowledge of your company’s products and services, answer customers’ inquiries, recommend products and services, recommend the link to order product or service, and taking customers’ contact information?

AIGC technology addresses your concerns. ChatGPT is changing every industry and changing every business. We can build your private chatGPT customer service chatbot and add to your website or social media. We can use your private knowledge, website pages, website technical materials, product descriptions and other PDF files, product catalogs, program descriptions, etc. to train your ChatGPT customer service robot. It is a custom made large language model for your enterprise domain based on your private data, to improve your service quality and improve your corporate image.