pcDuino8 STB

pcDuino8 STB is a high performance, cost effective Android set top box. It is powered by Allwinner octa-core H8 application processor.  H8 processor has 8 ARM Cortex-A7 cores, and support 8 cores running at 2.GHz at the same time. pcDuino8 STB could support multi-format 1080p 60fps video decoder and 1080p 30fps H.265/HEVC  video encoder with its built-in[…]

Bluetooth Together (BLE)

LinkSprite team design and make Bluetooth BLE 4.0 modules for wearable electronics.  One of the products is the smart watch: LinkSprite also designed a BLE 4.0 sensors node/iBeacon station:   We offer BLE 4.0 design and manufacturing services. Please contact sales@linksprite.com to discuss your needs.