First High School Classroom powered by pcDuino in China

The first classroom equipped with pcDuino is put into use in Zibo Boshan high school, Shangdong, China, thanks to the strong support from teacher FangJun. The classroom not only teaches the traditional information lessons, but also will be the first fully operational Scratch for pcDuino education platform in the world, and will integrate the present course[…]

Jingfeng Attended Bigsystem 2014 Workshop

      Dr. Jingfeng Liu was a panelist in the Bigsystem 2014 in Vancouver.  Thanks for the technologies breakthrough, we are in a software defined everything era. pcDuino sees a natural fit in the fields of bigsystem related fields, such as CPS, software defined storage, and software defined network, etc.  Equipped with the coming pcDuino3core,[…]

pcDuino will attend Sparkfun’s AVC2014

AVC 2014 is this Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5ish. LinkSprite, makers of PCDuino will be hosting a promo table where they will demo PCDuino with Ubuntu and Android OS. They will also have three other PCDuino demos running, including playing pong with Scratch on PCDuino, making a UV sensor with PCDuino and last, but far from least, making a basic[…]