LinkSprite ATM/Shelf Pinhole Face Recognition Security Camera


  • Built-in AI deep learning face recognition algorithm, support face detection, face tracking and scoring, pick the best face photo, and reduce the duplicated captures.
  • Support face capture for complex environment. Up to 40 faces can be detected and captured at the same time.
  • Using the face recognition surveillance system, the efficiency is improved by more than 10,000 times! In a non-face recognition surveillance system, it may take hours or even dozens of hours to query an event person. However, only a few seconds are required in the face recognition surveillance system.
  • Upload faces by FTP to remote ftp host or AISHOP
  • Support Face Exposure Function
  • Support region of interest for face recognition; multiple parameter settings, face parameter settings, professional capture rate
  • Lens: 4.5mm



Housing Black Aluminum
Power supply DC 12V 2A
Power consumption <2.5W


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