pcDuino team is giving way pcDuino3 weekly

pcDuino team is doing a weekly sweepstakes on its tweeter account (@pcduino) by randomly picking one follower each week.  The script used can be found at http://learn.linksprite.com/pcduino/linux-applications/use-pcduino3-to-do-a-weekly-pcduino3-give-away-sweepstakes-for-tweeter-pcduino/ We will run this script every Friday and will upload the video to youtube and announce the winner.  Follow up at @pcduino.

pcDuino Competition 2014

CuteDigi is having the pcDuino competition 2014. The entry of the project must be entered into the form below by 10/31/2014 midnight Mountain time. By entering into this competition, you agree to allow us to post your project description and video on website. To promote pcDuino competition 2014, CuteDigi lowered pcDuino3 from $77 to $49.00 to help stretch[…]

Fingertips Maker interactive teaching : Kids creativity programming show–pcDuino

August 16, 2014, second phase Fingertips Maker which was organized by Fingertips Maker, Geeks Nest, Hurray : play pcDuino together, held at Xi’an JiaoTong University Building,4th Floor. The event help Children know more about the concept about the hardware and software, enhance the Child’s ability and inspire the children’s interesting and creation of electronic. Mr[…]

Workshop of Scratch for pcDuino in LanZhou, China

pcDuino teamed up with Professor Zhou in Lanzhou university to conduct first ever workshop on scratch for pcDuino July 28 in Lanzhou, China. Around 80 STEM teachers in the region attended this workshop. The instructor is Mr. Yu from Zibo middle school.  A portion of the materials can be found at: http://learn.linksprite.com/category/scratch/      […]

pcDuino8 (Beta) is available for application

pcDuino8 (Beta) is a high performance, cost effective single board computer. It runs operation systems such as Ubuntu Linux and Android.  pcDuino8 is powered by an octa-core Allwinner A80 application processor.  pcDuino8 (beta) is currently with limited quantiy. Please email pcduino@linksprite.com with a project description and your cutedigi account ID. If you qualify, pcDuino team[…]