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Eclipse Enviroment Setup and User Guide

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Eclipse is a Java development enviroment, but its architecture also supports other languages. In this article we will introduce how to use C/C++ development Toolkit CDT) together with Sourcery G++ Lite for ARM EABI to do embedded ARM development work,

We need to install JAVA JDK before install Eclipse. The JAVA JDK can be downloaded from:




After registration, we can download jdk-6u22-windows-i586.exe and install.

Download Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers, it has Eclipse and CDT. The download link is:



Select Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers,




After download, unzip eclipse and run Eclipse.


Install ARM plug-in for Eclipse:


In menu, select  Help  > Install New Software, and enter:

in the "work with" address bar:



 After several seconds, it will display " GNU ARM C/C++ Development Support", click " GNU ARM C/C++ Development Support", and unclick " Group items by category":






Click "Next" untill "Finish", and wait for the downloading update.


In menu, select " Help  > Install New Software" and enter "" in "work with".

After several seconds, it will display an option " Zylin Embedded CDT".  Select it and click "next" until "finish", wait for downloading.


Install  Sourcery G + + Lite:

It can be downloaded from:



Select IA32 windows installer.




Download  arm-2010q1-188-arm-none-eabi.exe.


After finish installation, we have:




Install remote support by doing:  Help  > Install New Software, and select " All Available Sites" in   "Work with" pull down menu.  Select " Group items by category" option, and select 

General Purpose Tools:
       Dynamic Languages Toolkit  Remote Development Support
       Remote System Explorer End-User Runtime
       Remote System Explorer User Actions





and click next to finish the installation.



Create new project

We can now create new project " Sourcery G++ Lite" in menu "File", and do compilation and link.

1. Run   eclipse, and select the location of the newly created project file " workspace".

2. Creat a new project " Sourcery G++ Lite" project:


input porject name under "File->new->c project->", and select " Sourcery G++->finish" in " toolchains":

3. add files to project, and edit application file.

 Right click project file name, and select "refresh" to load the changed file directory to "Eclipse".

4. Set properties:

Right click project file name and select  " properties"   ->C/C++ General->paths and symbols->, select " GNU C->add->workspace->    inlude  "   under " GNU C->add->workspace->",  and  ->apply  ok )。





 “ properties”   ->C/C++ Build->settings->, and select   "  ARM Sourcery Windows GCC Linker ->General->" under " ARM Sourcery Windows GCC Linker ->General->", and select  (*.ld)- in " script file",  ->ok  .

Enter the absolute path of .ld file.




5. Build

Right click project file and click " build project" or " clean project  "

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